Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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  • Gaseous Suppression Systems


    • no hydraulic calculations are required at the design stage;
    • reduction of expenses for equipment, materials and works on installation of the distribution pipeline;
    • due to the design, there is no residual extinguishing agent in the module and the pipeline;
    • do not occupy a useful space in the protected room;
    • when applying "Module Impulse-2-T" and "Module Impulse-20-T", it is possible to supply gas extinguishing agents to enclosed volumes (raised floor, false ceilings, cold corridors, cabinets, etc.).
    • automatic and autonomous system start-up is provided;
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  • Autonomous gas extinguishing system of local application «IMPULSE MICRO»

    Autonomous Fire Suppression Systems

    Autonomous gas extinguishing system of local application «IMPULSE MICRO» is designed for localization and fire extinguishing with fire extinguishing agent HFC-125 of class A2, B fires and electrical equipment under voltage in electric boards, cabinets and racks up to 100 liters (0.1 m3).Structurally, the systems are a metal case with a valve and a pressure indicator filled with a fire extinguishing agent..

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  • Autonomous gas extinguishing system of local application «IMPULSE BOX SAFE»

    Autonomous Fire Suppression Systems

    Application of AGES «IMPULSE BOX SAFE» is recommended for fire fighting of server cabinet objects, communication equipment, instrument and electrical cabinets, cabinets with combustible liquids, storage cabinets for securities, other electronic and process equipment..

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  • Kitchen Protection Systems


    Kitchen equipment local fire extinguishing system Brand Kitchen Safe is used to extinguish oils and fats at public catering facilities, cafes, restaurants and industrial kitchens. Fire extinguishing is performed locally on the area by the extinguishing agent Prevento®. The objects of protection are the surfaces of flat plates, fryers, fryers, pans with a tilting mechanism, grills, filters of umbrellas and exhaust channels

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About Us

Brand Master About Us

The group of companies "BRAND" was founded in 2000. During our work, we have become a leading manufacturer of automatic fire extinguishing systems and have earned a reputation as a reliable partner in the implementation of fire protection systems.

We continuously work on improving the quality, improving the technical characteristics of the equipment produced, expanding the range of equipment and services.

Due to the high efficiency of the produced systems, high quality and flexible pricing policy, the equipment manufactured by the "BRAND" group of companies is in demand both in Ukraine and abroad.

The geography of equipment supplies is constantly expanding.


  • production of automatic fire extinguishing systems;

  • maintenance of powder and gas fire extinguishing systems;

  • design and installation of automatic fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems;


  • more than 17 years of experience in the implementation of fire protection systems;

  • we deal only with those systems in which we understand. The company has all necessary permits. The personnel of the company constantly passes training on innovative systems in the field of fire safety and participates in international exhibitions and conferences;

  • our company is a system manufacturer and integrator. We participate in the implementation of our projects, and also advise partners in implementing projects using Brand Master equipment both in Ukraine and abroad;

  • the company has its own production site with an area of ​​more than 2000 m2, a testing center for testing the equipment;

  • the company has implemented a quality control system ISO: 9001;


  • nuclear power plant: Rivne NPP, Khmelnitsky NPP, Chernobyl NPP;

  • central and regional server, depositories and archives of "Privat", "Sberbank Ukraine", "Ukrsotsbank", "Ukreximbank", "VTB-Bank" and others;

  • server, mobile communication stations "Kyivstar", "Astelit" (Lifecell), "Vodafone", "Ukrtelecom", "Beeline" and others;

  • server and archives "Philip Morris Ukraine", "JTI", "Ingo Insurance", "AXA Insurance", "Newtelco Ukraine" and others;

  • factories "DMKD", "MMK them. Ilyich "," Zaporizhstal "," Arcelorl Mitall "and others;