Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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  1. We are one of the leading developers of automatic fire extinguishing systems.
  2. Systems are developed by qualified technical personnel.
  3. The effectiveness of all systems is confirmed by many real tests. We are ready to conduct additional tests for individual projects at the request of the customer.
  4. We have a large test box for testing fire-extinguishing systems.
  5. All equipment passes the input control at all stages of production. At the enterprise the system of quality control ISO: 9001 is introduced.
  6. By optimizing the design of the systems, own production of most components, long-term work with the leading manufacturers of components of fire extinguishing systems, we offer the most competitive prices in the world market.
  7. All proposed systems were implemented on a variety of objects, the effectiveness of systems is confirmed in real fires.
  8. We are ready to develop fire extinguishing systems for the specific tasks of the Customer.
  9. We are confident in the operability and efficiency of the produced systems. The product is guaranteed for up to 24 months.


The Brand group of companies is looking for a distributor, who is granted exclusive distribution rights for the agreed number of countries and types of systems, provided that the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. Availability of qualified personnel with experience in these types of fire fighting systems;
  2. Availability of equipment and personnel for the possibility of maintenance of systems;
  3. Training on the basis of a group of companies "Brand" or online;
  4. Obtaining all permits, declarations, certificates for the possibility of implementing and applying systems on the agreed territory at their own expense;
  5. Promotion of the products of the Brand group of companies at their own expense.
  6. The first year of sales is provided for the promotion of products without obligations on sales volumes;
  7. Starting from the second year, the distributor and manufacturer approves the minimum volume of purchases for the year. When executing the sales plan, exclusive dealer rights automatically last for a year.


  1. Provide the distributor with all the technical documentation necessary for sale, design and installation, obtaining permits for the use of systems.
  2. Provide technical support, applying their experience and knowledge to implement the distributor's projects.
  3. To provide the available advertising documentation - photos, videos, advertising brochures in electronic form.
  4. Organize training for distributors.
  5. Implement high-quality products and fulfill warranty obligations.
  6. Deliver products at an agreed price and minimize delivery times.
  7. Make additional tests of systems, within the capabilities of the Brand group of companies, at the request of the distributor for individual projects.